Bahia Collection: Carved Bahia’s Sensuality for the Timeless Elegance

A jewelry is not the one for which you have to abandon your personal style and adapt a forged persona which doesn’t define the real you. With such an unwavering belief, Hueb has in-store elite Bahia collection to appeal to the confident woman who is looking for something distinctive. The collection has been designed to complement the woman’s innate style & persona. Each jewelry piece of Bahia collection has class and an unmatched elegance that pays tribute to one of Brazil’s most exotic and tropical regions.

The designs of Bahia earrings, rings & pendants not just depict the warmth of Brazilian culture but also speak for Bahia’s sensuality and natural beauty.

Bahia earrings in 18k yellow gold with diamonds

The detailed finish of these Bahia earrings echo the perfection of craftsmanship and are ideal to flaunt on any day or any occasion. You can pair these earrings with formals for a business meeting as well as flaunt with casual attire while you go on evening get-together with friends.

Bahia rings in 18k yellow gold with diamonds

If you are looking for a precious gift for yourself, Bahia rings are the ones you need to look at. Inspired from the Brazilian culture, these rings have an endearing distinctiveness about them, and the level of detailed craftsmanship speaks for why these need to be in your hands.

Bahia pendants in 18k yellow gold with diamonds

The unique and luxurious design of this 18k yellow gold pendant with diamonds makes a rather strong case for itself. The designs of Bahia pendant collection may make it look delicate, but that isn’t the case; like your persona, these too are designed to shine every day. Pick your favorite one and let this piece of jewelry with attitude exemplify the independent and strong headed individual you are.