Be an ambassador of confident style

Being stylish and making a style statement might at times seem like a bit of work, but with these little tips, you can be an expert fashionista.

Show skin strategically

Choose a part and concentrate on that. If you are showing off your shoulders, then don’t show the legs, and if you want your legs to show, cover the top. Keep the mystery alive.

White button-downs

A must-have item for your wardrobe, white button-downs are something that go well with everything. Whether skirts or jeans, casual or formal, these are very useful go-to clothing to have.

Brighten up those accessories

The plain and neutral accessories might be a great thing to have, but brighter and less orthodox accessories can be your emergency glam up quotient.

Throw on a scarf

Never underestimate the power of a single scarf, for it holds the secret behind turning a regular outfit into something chic.

Go hands-free

A dressy bag with a chain leaves your hands free and also lends a cool edge to evening wear. For the best effect, you can try wearing the chain diagonally across your front.

Embrace your shape

It’s not always about the trends; filter every trend ruthlessly to find what flatters your body shape.

Get a 360 view

And don’t leave the house until you like what you see. Remember that every angle matters.

Round down in denim

Getting the perfect size can be hard at times, so whenever in doubt while buying jeans, go with the smaller size. It’s a fact that they always stretch.

Layering necklaces

“More is more” – Coco Chanel. Try wearing multiples of the same material, or better yet, go for contrast. but layering, when done right is a style statement in itself.

Broaden your mind

We all find a lot of “it’s cute but so not me” dresses, but try trying on a few. You never know!

Nude pumps

When you can’t decide between shoes or are not sure about what would be best with some outfit, nix it all and go for nude pumps. They go with everything, and make your legs appear longer.

Never wear a boring coat

No matter what your ensemble looks like underneath the layers, no one is going to be able to see it. So make sure that you just don’t even own a boring looking coat.


Even if you want to go for a completely plain look, be bold and add a bit of contrast to it. It can be a bold belt or statement earrings; take a chance and shine through.

Pair loose with tight

Not many mortals can pull off the head to toe baggy look, so make sure when you wear loose and flowing, pair it with something that is fitting.

Create your own Lookbook

Whenever you are especially happy with an outfit, or when you are complemented on it, click a quick picture of the look and save it for someday when you don’t have time to figure out a new look.

There you go; the best and easiest tips and tricks that can turn a daily tromp into a fashion walk with the least amount of efforts. After all, your style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.