Do You? Yes I do. Choosing the perfect wedding ring

Love is forever and weddings are proof of that. For something as steady as a happy marriage, the symbols of the institution need to be just as long lasting. Choosing the perfect wedding band for your partner is one of the tasks that can stress people out. But worrying about that can now be a thing of the past with the following tips that can help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry that can define you as a couple.

Get an idea

It’s never too soon to start finding out more about your partner’s choices. This can help you a lot when it comes to narrowing down the choices for a wedding ring. A wedding ring is a jewel that would adorn your hands every day, so it’s always a good idea to choose one that your partner loves. What color metal do they prefer? Is it yellow, or white or rose? Do they like simplicity or something bold? Would they prefer a classic design or something different? These are a few of the questions that you should work out before heading out to select a ring.

Do not procrastinate

Give yourself time. You would need to browse, research, compare prices, and revisit the rings that catch your eye. Take at least two months to select a ring, and then if you want a custom piece, it can take even more time. So factor all that in and DO NOT procrastinate.

Different is good

If you like platinum and your partner likes gold, it is no reason to fret. There is absolutely no rule that says that your bands have to be identical. Be sure that your priority is to pick rings that reflect each of your style sensibilities and tastes, not just rings that match. However, matching some aspects of the rings (like the engraving) is also a good idea.


There is no point in buying even the most beautiful ring if it makes you uncomfortable. So keep your lifestyles in mind at all times, and choose something that would be convenient to wear on a day to day basis.

Long-term thinking

It’s fun to buy something trendy, but first make sure that the trendy design you choose is not so over the top that it starts irking you a few years down the line.

Size matters

No, this is definitely not about the size of the rock on that ring. Fact is that most people rarely take their wedding rings off, and another fact is that fingers swell and contract with the changing season. So it is absolutely important that when you take the measurements for a ring, you consider all the factors and then decide on the size.

Check for quality

Every genuine ring contains two marks: the manufacturer’s trademark and the quality mark. Check the ring for the marks before you buy it. Also, if the ring has two or more metals, make sure that there is a quality mark for each metal.

These handy little tips can help you choose the perfect ring for your better half, a symbol that will be as perfect as the love it defines.