Don’t Be Afraid To Personalize Your Look And Stand Out: Hairdo’s For Business Meetings

Do you often feel stuck while trying to find the perfect hairdo for your business meeting? The hair style you choose for a business event reflects just as much of your personality as it does your overall style, so if you are in a dearth of formal hairstyle inspiration and tips, scroll down the list of hairdo ideas to choose from.

Classic Corporate

A corporate work life is full of random activities; where at one moment you have to attend an important board meeting, and an hour later you have to rush for a casual lunch meeting with the client. In a schedule like that, especially when you do not have an extra time to waste on your hair, you can rely on effortlessly made braids that would go with every occasion.

Here is what you can do:

A Formal Braid:

Pull back your hair in beautiful braids and remind the people that you are not just another cookie-cutter employee.

And yes, when you are done with every different type of braid, then you can mix different braid styles into one beautiful and unique hairstyle, like combining a French braid and a Fishtail braid, or braid and pony tail.

Creative Office

Crazy creative hairdos do not just compliment creative jobs but also keeps one inspired and motivated. For those who live their work life at a creative workplace, here is how you can play with your hair.

The Top Knot:

Comb back all your hair and leave the ends in way that they look like fringes. The secret behind this hairdo is to keep the bun knot fist-sized. You can accessorize your look with elegant and chic ear tops or earrings.

Business Traveler

Due to different humidity, climate, water, & varying time zone, travelling can cause havoc to your hair. Even worst is the fact that you do not have space or intention to carry your hair tool kit with you for business meeting. Fret not, as here is an idea for your hair rescue.

Here is what you can do to your hair:

Side Pin Up:

Like the gorgeous Ashley Greene, pinning up the side locks is an impressive yet hassle free look you can adorn while travelling. For instant volume, just part your bangs on the opposite side and pin them up.

Home Office 

If you believe that no one gets to see you while working from home, and so you shouldn’t bother to do your hair, then you are mistaken. You should be prepared and ready to feel business while making work calls or heading out of home office at the last moment for a meeting.

Here is what you can do to your hair:

Lazy Bun:

For the lazy morning when you cannot escape work but can skip washing hair but still have to look decent on a video call or an urgent business meeting, then lazy bun will prove to be a lifesaver. Just coil your hair into a simple bun and secure it with either a clutch or few bobby pins.