How Hueb Stands Out

Jewelry as a business is not a new concept – everywhere you look, you can see a lot of establishments catering to the society. But in this competition where the word ‘exclusive’ is overused, how does a brand stand out? How does one make sure that what they are doing is a cut above the rest, a new experience within the art that is jewelry? The Hueb family has been in the jewelry business since the 1970’s, when matriarch Fádua Hueb started selling jewelry to her friends in the city of Uberaba, Minas Gerais.

Since the very beginning, the company has strived to make its experience a unique and exclusive escapade by designing and manufacturing all its collections in-house. Today, following her footsteps, Hueb has remained a family owned business spanning three generations, made for women, by women, and it continues to create unique designs that bring joy and inspire the modern woman to express her individuality.

With a strong belief in taking luxury as an inspiration and a celebration, Hueb celebrates life every day. Jewelry, the perfect expression of the modern woman’s individuality, transcends the boundary of age. The unrestrained joie de vivre is what Hueb wishes to highlight. The perfect ornaments express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit, a beautiful expression of distinctiveness that Hueb believes is there within each and every one of us.

Hueb does not believe in mass produced, cold and impersonal jewelry. Everyone is special and everyone deserves the personal touch of hand crafted jewelry, which boasts of a life of its own. Highly skilled craftsmen spare no effort and provide the utmost attention to detail. Each design perfectly embodies creativity, elegance and attitude, and that is how Hueb is all about – offering jewelry that inspires.