Hueb rings are all you need – Pairing rings to occasions

In fashion, rules are often meant to be broken. This season, break the conventional fashion rules and pair your rings to occasions in a more personal and playful way than ever. Hueb brings forth an exceptional collection of rings for every occasion that will leave you spoilt for choice.

New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party

When picking out a ring for the New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party, think of something elegant yet appealing. Match your dress with Hueb’s Secret Garden and Trilliant Collection and create a subtle style statement. If you are usually uncomfortable wearing rings with a lot of stones, opt for Hueb’s Chameleon Collection of rings that come with an interchangeable mechanism which allows you to match the stones in accordance to your evening dress.

Dinner Party

Dinner Parties usually call for a simple dressing matched well with fine pieces of jewelry. If you are planning to wear a floral or printed dress, a simple big stone embedded ring from Hueb’s Chameleon or Luminus collection will complement well. On the other hand, if you plan to wear an elegant long gown or shades of one color, then opt for Hueb’s Bahia collection as it will add sensuality and beauty to your personality.

First Date

Planning for your first date? Impress your loved one with Hueb’s Bubbles collection that has been specially designed to remind you of the special times of celebration. You can also wear a ring from the Hearts collection, each ring of which evokes romance and elegance.

The Ethnic Times

A big fat wedding about to happen in your family and you are not sure of which rings will best complement your ethnic attire? Opt for rings from Hueb’s Plisse and Apus collections. The two collections display an exceptional range of rings studded with diamonds that are sure to add an extra charm to your ethnic outfit and earn you compliments all evening.

Rings have been a statement of style for women since ages. As a fashion accessory, a single charming ring is all you need to make a charming statement of your personality and add that finishing touch to your dress. With Hueb’s extravagant ring collection, make every occasion that you attend a venerating one.