Rings for Every Occasion

An integral piece of a lady’s charm, every woman would love to have a collection of distinctive and elegant rings that can be worn on different occasions. From simple to classy, gem embedded to multi layered, there is an infinite variety of rings at Hueb that can be bought for different occasions.

The Chameleon Collection:

The Chameleon Collection by Hueb presents the most stunning style of rings for women. Embedded with colored stones and diamonds of different shapes, the Chameleon Collection rings come with a wide range of interchangeable gemstones and versatile designs. While nothing beats a black gemstone studded in a silver ring, you can explore a myriad variety of styles and colors that perfectly express your personality and individuality.

The Luminus Collection:

Hand sculpted, Hueb’s Luminus Collection features premium stones that have been specially made for the special occasions. Elegant, stylish and breath-taking, each ring reflects the dazzling hues, thanks to the superior and detailed designs. Couple up with a black long dress and you have a ravishing look to flaunt.

The Scarlet Garden Collection:

Shakespeare once said, ‘What’s in a name?’ Well, we beg to differ. Symbolic to the collection’s name, each piece of ring evokes the delicate intricacies of a flower and magnificence of nature. Carefully studded with premium diamonds, the rings are a subtle statement of peace. Best for wearing to a business meeting.

The Apus Collection:

Inspired from the exuberant feathers of the birds, each Apus ring represents designs that are present in the tropical regions of planet. The flight design indicates an inseparable bond between the sky and earth. Best paired with an ethnic attire.

The Trilliant Collection:

An alluring amalgamation of precious gemstones cut to greatest possible perfection, the collection is sure to make your heart skip a beat. Hueb present this exuberant collection especially for those who love and appreciate beauty with high level of precision. The Trilliant rings can be worn to a casual meeting with friends and family.

The Bahia Collection:

Inspired from the tradition of Bahia, the majestic Bahia collection offers handcrafted ring pieces that bring to life the rich landscapes and natural appeal of Bahia. The rings give away a sense of sensuality and a woman’s natural beauty.

The Bubbles Collection:

A popular trend adored by women of today, the Bubbles Collection portray a woman’s simplicity and elegance. A simple band ring it features bubbled coupled with diamonds in the middle making it stylish and elegant at the same time. Bubble are for every day.

The Heats Collection:

A heart of purity and love, the collection has been handcrafted with a hint of whimsical that evokes the romantic side of a woman. A perfect ring to be worn when out on a date with your loved one.

The Plisse Collection:

Unquestionably the queen of all the rings, Hueb presents the Plisse Collection for women who are strong, independent and gleam a radiant persona. Wear a Plisse ring to any occasion and be ready for compliments and envious eyes all evening.

Titivating your fingers on different occasions, don the right yet elegant style of ring for every occasion, and the admiration shall duly follow.