Say hello to tomorrow with Secret Garden Earrings & Ring: Two of a kind

There are probably millions of rings and earrings out there available in the market. But not all have that striking and sterling look to woo your mind at once. As they say, “all that glitters is not gold”. At Hueb, we sprinkle life in glitters and make it gold. We bring to you an exceptional collection of rings and earrings that are sure to leave you astounded.

The Secret Garden, an atypical collection carefully crafted by Hueb’s skilled craftsmen, is inspired from the magnificence of nature molded in the wisdom of today for the independent and confident women of tomorrow.

Hueb’s Secret Garden ring collection is based on “making influences of nature that inspire the personality of its bearer”. The rings, interpreted as flowers, and carefully embedded with diamonds in gold and silver metals, can be worn as a style statement on any occasion – be it a candle light dinner with your loved one or to a wedding affair complementing well with your attire. Available in two sizes – large and small, a radiant look is guaranteed. The petals of the ring signify “abundance” with the diamonds portraying a woman’s dynamic aura and the precious gold/silver metal adding an extra charm to that ambitious and diligent persona.

The Secret Garden collection also presents an exuberant range of earrings concocted in the shape of a flower that adds an alluring touch to a woman’s compassionate character. Each of the earrings, locked in high carat gold and silver metal, feature sinuous designs of a flower’s petals with rooted diamonds on them that lay out an enigmatic appearance.

At Hueb, our entire collection is dedicated to the independent and confident woman of this very present. Be it the earrings or the rings, each and every piece of jewelry evoked and brought to life at Hueb is hand finished to ensure top notch quality and excellence. As famously quoted by a renowned designer, “Life is too short to wear boring jewelry”. Turn to Hueb’s enchanting Secret Garden collection and welcome tomorrow in confidence.