The Inspiration behind the Magic Garden collection

Strolling through a dark hooded path, engulfed in the lap of nature, with the twinkling stars overhead and the cool breeze of twilight whistling its sweet, secret song for all those who would lend an ear, one can realize the true beauty that lies in the gift that is Mother Nature. Nature brings us back to those cherished childhood moments when we were set in the embrace of nurturing and love. Whenever caught in the hustle and bustle of normal, daily life, one can always find solace in the sanctum that is nature.

It is astounding how a single fragile flower holds the immense power to pluck us from the frustrations and race of life and transport us to our happy place, where we can almost feel the sweet caress of an earthy wind in our faces. That is precisely why, in this fast paced life, we at Hueb have brought forth our Secret Garden collection. Each design in the Secret Garden Collection evokes the delicate intricacy of a flower. Carefully placed diamonds cover golden pedals to create subtle statement pieces that contain within them the sweet kiss of all that nature has to offer. It is like carrying your own secret garden with you, wherever you may be. Now you can carry with you a piece of that safety, that feeling of care, that touch of home, that surrounds you in an embrace of peace and serenity; your own private escape, your own private happy place. The Secret Garden Collection by Hueb has for you statement rings, delicate pendants, and chic earrings. Each piece handcrafted with love and art woven into its very essence, each piece, whether worn in a set or all by its lonesome, brings alive the magic of raw beauty, but, in the most elegant statement that is possible.

Choose Hueb, and let it take you to a magical escape, to the secret magic garden.