The Story of the Hueb Family

United in a dream of providing something unique for the modern woman, something that speaks volumes about “HER”, her individuality, who she is, and what she deserves, back in 1987, Cristina and Rogério Hueb founded a company, in the city of Uberaba, Minas Gerais, a company that sought to bring to life the jewelry that was to be as elegant as the women they were to adorn.

Since the very beginning, Hueb has made itself exclusive and unique by designing all its collections in-house, infused with an exceptional level of artistry skill and quality. By designing jewelry that takes center stage, Hueb has realized its dream of making every life that it touches feel special.

Hueb jewelry is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, and each design embodies the creativity, elegance and attitude that befit the personality of its wearer. With VS-graded diamonds and natural gemstones, each jewelry piece embodies the perfect symphony of art and engineering, creating truly original products that are an epitome of the classic and yet contemporary.

During the 1970’s, matriarch Fádua Hueb started selling jewelry to her friends, and from there came the inspiration for many other family members to join the industry. Since then, the company has been bringing joy to lives with its unmatched jewelry. Now being handled by the family’s third generation, Hueb made its international foray in 2001 by participating in the most prestigious jewelry trade shows around the world. From 2010, the brand has focused on developing the Middle Eastern market, with very successful participations at jewelry exhibitions in the region, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait and Doha. In 2012, Hueb opened its first international retail store in Dubai, known as the ‘city of gold’. Even in the competitive landscape of the Middle East, Hueb has been successful in its ventures since the very first month. With the great success of the brand in Brazil and the Middle East, Hueb has now turned its sight towards the rest of the world and has opened its first flagship store on Madison Avenue, New York City, and plans to soon expand to the most prestigious and luxury shopping destinations across the globe.

Hueb is not just about the jewels and ornaments; it is about bringing forth jewelry that are pieces of art, and which complement the individuality of today’s woman. Find your perfect “ME” statement with Hueb.