5 Easy Tips on Layering Necklaces

Necklace, simply a piece of jewelry, has the power to make a woman feel unique, special and powerful. Layering necklaces have become quite a popular fashion these days with ladies gaining more fascination towards multiple small, dainty pieces to create a chic statement and a cosmic look. But if you add too much or pair the wrong combinations, you’ll end up with a necklace mess. Here are five easy tips to ensure you master the art of a layered look –

The Science of Fusion

Yesteryear’s wisdom says that the best way to keep your look classy and sophisticated is by selecting one style of jewelry to layer. But now, fusion is the order of the day, so combine metals to create an edgy yet elegant look. Mix and match silver with gold or rose gold with gold and even try out the blend of the three. When combining metals, try and keep gemstones out of the picture or just stick with neutral-colored stones which work well.

The Short-Long Combination

When layering, be sure of selecting necklaces of different lengths and let each one display its own natural charm. Wearing necklaces of the same length not only block each other’s view but are also likely to get tangled easily. Try one or two short neck pieces with a long one or vice versa. You will end up creating a lasting impression.

Thin is the New In

Layering is an art that needs to be understood well. When layering necklaces, it is essential not to couple too many chunky neck pieces together. Combining heavy looks subdues your personality. Keep the necklaces thin and slim so that you look graceful and classy.

Play with Color

Probably the most fun part of layering is that you can play with colors and pair them well with your outfits. But at the same time, steer away from wearing multiple neck pieces with similar stones or colors to avoid being too flashy.

Create a Balancing Act

The ultimate tip of layering is maintaining a balance. If you are wearing multiple neck pieces then try and skip heavy earrings. Instead opt for simple studs or balis. The same goes with bangles, bracelets and rings.

At the end of the day, pair your necklaces in a way that they blend well with your outfits and exemplify your style, elegance and persona.