A Collection Worth Exploring-Estelar

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Taking inspiration from the night sky, the Estelar Collection is forged in 18K gold with diamonds. Mirroring the stars that burn brightly to form the most heavenly of figures with their iridescent connection, it possesses an eternal flame of beauty. A collection that is reflective of the stunning and dramatic elements of space and the sleek and effervescent feeling of simplicity compared.

We invite you to explore our Estelar Collection below, featuring the magnitude of space and the detail of the design.

The web of 18K gold and laced diamonds are at the forefront of this octal earring. Displayed as a piece of art against the ear, it is dynamic and designated to be a statement piece. A wear meant for the evening, but decidedly perfect for the day.

Gracefully crafted to create an intricate design that results in a prelude to the centerpiece of your attire. A luxurious concoction of 18K gold and sparkling diamonds; another mark to the earrings that make up the Estelar Collection.

Fashioned for companionship amongst the decollete is a necklace that is delicate, and a complex phenomenon of 18K gold and diamonds. With a dainty chain that has intensified strength by its accompanying charm…it results in a dynamic statement against the neck.

An intricate, artistic ability is sworn in on this cuff that clutches the arm in a romantic infusion. 18K gold and the sprinkle of diamonds reflect the stars in the night sky. The ethereal spectrum of forever is seen in the detail of the design.

The Estelar Collection is the perfect antidote to the woman that is looking to find something that embraces forever. We are excited to invite you to visit our online store so you can explore the unknown of a collection that surpasses the bounds.

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