An Exclusive Look into the Luminus Collection

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Rising from the rich culture and vibrant colors found at the Rio Carnival, the Luminus Collection is strong, enticing, and seductive. Clusters of diamonds dominate on their own or burst from a center stone; such as Morganite or London Blue Topaz (to name a few), like a firework display among the 18K gold foundation. The hand-sculpted pieces by our skilled artisans, offer eye-catching allure by observers and are dynamically bold on its wearer.

We are inviting you to have an exclusive, first look, and access to the story behind some of our newest additions in the Luminus Collection. Take a peek below and learn why these unique Jewelry pieces should be the newest additions to your jewelry wardrobe.

These Luminus Collection earrings in 18K White Gold and an array of light-catching diamonds are the perfect antidotes of any attire…from day to night. These crawler style earrings; popular amongst the most loyal and newest of clients, offer a modern and edgy take with classic allure. Enticing and invigorating, it is a display of unique craftsmanship.

These elegant Luminus earrings have diamonds that fan out around the lobe to create the signature burst that delicately surrounds the blue tanzanite gemstone. The 18K White Gold is a luxurious accompaniment to the natural beauty of the earring. Gracefully, it is a piece that sends a message of subtlety intertwined with boldness.

18K White Gold Earrings with Diamonds and Tanzanites are melded together to create the firework display of color and celebration. The stones collaborate together to create a monumental demonstration of hand-crafted artistic stamina that speaks to the bold woman that wears it. A statement piece that envelops the true celebration of color the Luminus Collection offers.

Tailored for the Hueb woman, this Luminus Earring in 18K White Gold with Diamonds and Tanzanite offers a fresh take on modernity and classic appeal. The whimsical silhouette of this piece brings about the solstice for the evening clad woman. Beautiful, elegant, and serene; this new addition offers a star-burst of femininity.

An ornate earring that is embellished with sparkling diamonds and a foundation of 18K White Gold to create a floating structure against the ear. Elegantly curved, the almost-hoop is a unique take on a classic style and a dazzling rendition of the clusters of diamonds that are the heartbeat of the Hueb Luminus Collection.

These are just a few of the new pieces that have been added to the Luminus Collection. We are constantly creating fresh, unique pieces for our clients and elevating our designs to keep you guessing on what will inspire us next! Shop below some of the featured pieces, and don’t forget to follow our blog weekly for an exclusive look into Hueb.

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