Eleventh hour makeup tips for Valentine’s Day

With all the craziness that comes along with the day of love, a little nonchalance is almost inevitable. Case in point – you have overworked to ensure the dress and the jewelry you wear are immaculate, but that in turn has left you with little time for the make-up. Fret not, for with these pro-makeup tricks, you’ll be gorgeous to go in no time!

Focus on your skin:

When time is at premium, a healthy looking skin should be your first priority. Pick up the best suiting make-up primer and foundation that has worked for you before, and move ahead to applying it. A perfect make up base is the real foundation of a great looking face.

Pro tip: Once you have applied the makeup base, take a dry single ply tissue and gently rub it in downward motion and slightly wiping the face. This would pull out all the excess base makeup.

Give some love to your lashes:

One thing you must never skip out on is the mascara. Curl your lashes for 30 seconds and seal it with few jabs of mascara to open your eyes.

Pro tip: Try a lengthening formula mascara to get the flirty eye look and for a more dramatic effect, pick mascara with thickening formula.

Contour your features:

If you have a few extra minutes to spare, contouring your nose sides, the bridge of the nose and the hollow of the cheeks isn’t out of the question. To contour your nose, draw two lines down either side of your nose, starting at the edge of your eyebrow, and then blend it using bronzer to make it look more natural. For cheeks, apply a little touch of bronzer on the balls of the cheeks & then lightly extend upward towards cheekbones. Use a good blush to finish the look.

Pro tip: To make your cheek bones appear higher, use a non-shimmer bronzer under the cheekbone and highlighter (or foundation of 2 shades lighter) on the actual cheekbone.

Volumize your bangs:

For that last minute hairdo, quickly comb your tresses, gently flip the hair upside down, and use a combination of hair hold spray & a mix of perfume to toss the hair up. Doing this would add volume to your hair and then you can just pull it off your way.

Pro tip:  A visit to Pinterest will give you a plethora of options.

Add color to your lips:

Pull up your entire look by adding color to your lips. Apply a matt lip shade on your lips and dab the center of the lips with matching lip gloss to add volume to your lips.

Pro tip: Balance the bold lip color with a peachy blush and sophisticated eye makeup (more of mascara and a neutral shadow).

So there you have it. With these quick yet witty make-up tips, completing your Valentine’s Day look wouldn’t be as prodigious as you might have envisaged.

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