A bold and radically contemporary necklace,the Estelar Cosmos is an entire universe that adorns you. Crafted in 18K gold, its criss crossing lines are inspired by constellations that stretch across the sky. Estelar Cosmos is modern elegance at its finest. The repeat motif reflects its luxurious silhouette while still retaining its potential to be coupled with a variety of styles.

Synonymous with luxury, excellence and craftsmanship, Hueb jewels transcend time and trends to create a new dimension of luxury, one where unbridled imagination, technical jewelry expertise and responsible sourcing design ecosystems which satisfy the most delectable tastes. Envisioned as constellations across the sky, The Estelar Cosmos is a signature piece. Hueb’s Creative Director, Marjan Algouneh describes the piece as “A map to your destiny, held close around you.”

Fit for a modern touch or timeless styling, Hueb’s beauty lies in its luxurious and effortless
designs. The Estelar collection by Hueb brings you exquisitely crafted rings, earrings, bracelets and the powerful Estelar Cosmos necklace – a modern classic. Hand made with love by expert in-house craftspeople, each stone is set with precision and each design perfected for you to style with ease and effortless elegance.