Independence Day Jewels

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The 4th of July is a holiday that is centered around the color code of red, white and blue. When it comes to the outfit of choice for Independence day, there is an almost unspoken necessity of sticking with the hues that make this celebration so great. With parades, bbq parties, and firework displays, we’ve provided you with a list that will assist in what to put on when it’s time to get festive!

The accessories that you’ll be sporting for this monumental holiday will be all about the gemstones. With ruby (red), diamonds (white), and london blue topaz (blue), you’ll fit right in with the theme of keeping it patriotic. When the night falls and the fireworks begin, these selected jewels will be competing with the sparkling show.

Red! White! And Blue! See below how you can stick with this color trio when comes time to get ready to celebrate the 4th. Keep this festive holiday on-trend and let your gemstones do the talking.

Ruby Red

Red is necessary if you are wanting to pull off your patriotic look, and rubies are the quintessential choice for when you are trying to find that scarlet shade. Blue denim, and a white shirt are a perfect team to make this gemstone really stand out amongst all the rest. The striking color of rubies is what makes it a bold and dynamic pick for this occasion.

Our Mirage Collection does a beautiful job at making the ruby gemstone the  focus of its pieces. The ruby is a grandeur statement and delegated best on its own, whether it be a ring or earrings from this exclusive collection.

White like Diamonds

When it comes to selecting the white portion of the triad of gemstones, diamonds is the first one that comes to mind. Sparkling with the same bravado of the fireworks in the sky, diamonds are a choice that doesn’t need to be explained. Diamond heavy pieces are wonderful when wearing a solid red, blue, or white sundress.

The Luminus Collection is one that is designed around the eye-catching allure of celebratory fireworks, and bold sophistication. Integrating hand-sculpted diamonds set amongst a 18K gold foundation, it is one that exudes the feeling of the sparklers that will be dominating the sky.

Blues of Topaz

You can’t have the red and the white…and not have blue. London blue topaz is a gorgeous way of rendering the feeling of national pride. Combining the blue topaz gemstone with an all-over monochromatic white outfit will create a classic, patriotic appeal.

London blue topaz can be found in the Spectrum Collection. Known for its dainty, simplistic, and hued style, this collection provides the color when you need it the most. Set on 18K gold, and option of diamonds, the selection of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces allows for matching and stacking.

With the 4th of July approaching, we wish you a safe holiday that is full of red, white, and blue. We invite you to explore the pieces found in this blog on our website and see other amazing selections that will make you want to continue the celebration.

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