Items for a Weekend Getaway: Guide to Packing Light

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When it comes to packing for a weekend trip, it can be a bit of a struggle. With many different scenarios that could occur over your few-day getaway, it can be daunting figuring out what effortless pieces will make the cut. The packing dream? Have all items strategically fit into the suitcase, weightless options so that when carrying your luggage…it is not even a battle, and that all pieces are a reflection of necessity, ease, and alternative outfit ideas.

That is why we have created a guide to packing your suitcase for your trip to the countryside, the beach, or a breakfast-in-bed. From strategic packing, to essential items to bring (even down to the accessories) we’ve tallied up a checklist that will provide you the maximum utilization for your next getaway.

Get ready to travel in style and also…lightly. See below how you can utilize the pieces that you have; from dresses to jewels, and the process that we take to make sure we don’t overpack for our weekend getaways.

Strategize with Staple Pieces

The beauty of a weekend getaway is that you don’t have to take a lot of luggage to be covered on the fashion front. It’s time to let your staple pieces do the talking, and you’ll only need a duffle bag. Embracing simplicity and basic doesn’t mean that you can’t express your style while on your weekend excursion. The best thing to do is garner a foundation of outfit flexibility when packing lightly.

Taking shoes that can be worn day to night is the perfect beginning to setting the tone for your outfits. Whether a metallic slide, or a comfortable wedge, selecting a shoe that doesn’t even need to be taken off is the gold mine to simplistic packing. A dark denim or lightweight trouser is a universal-must in both casual and the dressiest of occasions. A little black dress, or colorful maxi is the next perfect item for lunchtime dates or evening cocktails. Keep tops simple by selecting two; one that is a cotton tee, and a silky cami. By having these items be your foundation pieces, you have now just packed several pieces that can create multiple outfits.

Show your Style with Jewels

You may think that our provided list of outfit staples were lacking in the style statements that you are used to making. And while basics don’t scream trendy and fashion forward; they do allow for a simple opportunity for your jewels to be center stage. Embrace an everyday, all day piece like our Plisse Collection bracelets. Stacking these gorgeous 18K gold bracelets will be beautifully coupled with a trouser and silky top, to a LBD that needs a sparkling companion.


And if you want to pack earrings that will offer color whilst being dynamically perfect for morning to evening, then our Spectrum Collection is the necessary selection for easy-wear and colorful gemstones. Small, stylish, and brightly hued, the earrings would pair nicely with denim and a cotton tee, but would segway fittingly with a colorful maxi dress.

And if you can’t seem to tear yourself away from a bold statement, the Trilliant Collection’s cuff is a beautiful accessory to include when your fashion prowess has come out for a night of dancing and cocktails. Paired with any of the outfit options, this bracelet was meant to be seen… and what better way than with your suitcase selects.


The last thing that will keep your weekend getaway easy and light, is embracing the special moments with the ones you love, or if traveling by yourself; self-reflecting and enjoying your alone time. And while outfits and jewels are wonderful ways to feel great and express yourself while away, the beauty of your trip is really in the way you enjoy it.

Take this time to self-reflect, to not think, to be in the moment; enjoying every ounce of sun, snowfall, beach, or rolling hill. While you packed your suitcase lightly, be sure to also carry a lightness in your mind. Put away the cell phone, or laptop and be intuned with the feeling of pure enjoyment of your getaway. While it is easy to become preoccupied with things that might have been weighing us down prior to our small excursion, having the opportunity to really relax and rejuvenate is just what you deserve.

We wish you safe travels on your next trip and wish you a lightness both in packing and in your mind (because we know you deserve it). Also, be sure to stop by our website to see the pieces featured in this blog and so many other great collections that will be perfect for your next getaway!

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