Jewelry to Gift Your Graduate

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Graduation is a time to reflect on life and future of the ones closest to us. It is a time to celebrate milestones, achievements, perseverance, and effort that went into our loved ones accomplishment.  Whether it be high school or university, graduating marks an important point that deserves recognition.

If you are inquisitive on how best to show your admiration, congratulations, and love for your newest graduate; we have put together a gift guide especially for this occasion with pieces all priced under $5,000.00. See below some of the best Hueb pieces to show how much you love and honor your graduate’s present and future.

1. The Collection to Celebrate

When it comes to gifting your graduate, sometimes the true gift is the celebration. Whether it be a party or dinner, the Luminus Collection is the perfect segway into your graduates most celebratory evening. Unveiling a design meant to replicate fireworks in the sky, these pieces are perfect for the person that can’t wait to take off their gown and party the night away.

Whether the pieces be worn together or separately, they are meant to convey the feeling of delight, and dynamic accomplishment. Presenting these beautiful 18K gold and diamond pieces to your graduate shows that their hard work and determination has led them to a future bursting with possibility.

2. The Collection for the Unique

Dainty, unique, and sophisticated describes the pieces featured below. Fittingly simplistic and bold, the Labyrinth Collection is perfect for the graduate that has embraced their individuality and continues to walk paths untouched by most.

The gifter notices their graduates whimsy and playfulness has molded them into the person they are today. Not only that, it has led them to continue to be themselves despite the times where it was easy to conform. These pieces made up of 18K gold and diamonds, are a true testament to a person that has made what is different…beautiful. The graduate that wears these pieces are meant to stand out, and lay pathways for a future of possibilities.

3. The Collection When You Don’t Have Words

Whether you are the parent, grandparent, or friend of the newest graduate, you sometimes can’t express into words how happy you are to see them reach reach their goals. That is why the Spectrum Collection is a perfect gift to ‘say’ what sometimes can’t be said.

Made up of 18K gold, diamonds, and a selection of colorful gemstones and pearls; this collection is specific and personal to its wearer. It conveys a simplistic sophistication, and speaks for itself. There is a foreverness to this collection; nothing can deter it from being a lasting memory of their special day.

4. The Collection the Defies Expectation

What better way to offer congratulations than with flowers? With our Botanica Collection, you can do just that…but these will last a lifetime. When flowers are expected by your graduate, this is the best way to surprise them with the extraordinary.

Mesmerizingly structured into a floral allure, this collection is made up of 18K gold and embellished with diamonds and colorful gemstones. These pieces are perfect for ones that love tradition, but are looking to also embrace the uncertainty of the future. The gifter knows that the future holds so much in store for the new graduate, and sometimes the risks are worth taking.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the newest 2018 graduates! We are honored and privileged to have one’s entering into the world that have accomplished so much…and will continue to in the future. May your dreams, and wishes prosper; and we hope that our Hueb pieces featured in this blog will be a reminder of this celebratory and defining moment in your life. Congratulations!

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