The Most Common Mistakes Jewelry Lovers Make

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For many, your jewelry is the most coveted and memorable things you own.  When it comes to accessorizing, always remember that you should be the center of attention and not your jewelry.

Hueb creates jewelry that is meant to inspire, enhance your style and confidence, and be a compliment to the woman that you are. It can be easy to make simple mistakes in the styling and purchasing of your new jewels, and that is why we have highlighted some of the most common jewelry mistakes we notice.

Read below how you can avoid some jewelry faux pas, gain knowledge on your purchasing power, and how wearing some of the most beautiful pieces shouldn’t be a distraction.

1. Do your research

When purchasing a piece of fine jewelry, you always want to be sure to do your research. From the materials used, to how the pieces are made, to where the stones are purchased; will all be major determining factors of the longevity of your newly purchased piece. Jewelers should have expert sales consultants that can provide you with knowledge of the brand, ethics, and mastery behind the creation of the jewelry.

Hueb makes it a constant to create jewelry that consists of 18K gold, VS diamonds, and precious gemstones that possess quality and craftsmanship by skilled artisans. Along with design, our various locations are staffed with educated brand experts to assist in the selection of your next piece.  

2. Matching jewelry

It sometimes can be difficult to choose which piece to wear, especially when the occasion calls for it. And when a choice can’t be made…the decision to wear every single piece is more common than you think. Stacking bangles, large earrings dangling, several necklaces layered, and rings on almost every finger…can be a distraction of the beautiful pieces that you covet.

This is a style mistake we just had to mention because it is very possible to have on “too much of a good thing”. That is why Hueb creates pieces that are able to be worn together and pieces that are dynamic on their own.  If you are looking to mix and match or purchase a statement piece; our collections offer the versatility for both.

3. Sizing is everything!

While most pieces can be resized; it is always important to visit the jeweler to be fitted correctly for a ring, bracelet, or piece of jewelry that might not be ‘one size fits all’. It is so important that when purchasing your jewelry, you are leaving very little room for the piece to easily fall off or be too uncomfortable to wear and enjoy. If selecting for a significant other, there is nothing more impressive then getting a ring size right! Sizing hack: Tie a string around the wearer’s finger, or bring in an existing ring to determine size.

We always want to be sure that our clients are receiving the correct fit when they are purchasing a piece from any of our locations. With many different locations carrying Hueb jewelry, it usually is very easy to locate other sizes that might not be present in the store you are visiting. We also offer personalized alternatives to assist in getting your desired piece.

4. Myths on your Jewels

If you have been following our blogs for some time now, you know that we have many blogs that are centered around birthstones and the meanings behind them. When it comes to purchasing a new piece, it is a common mistake to just not have a history on your next desired gemstone.

Vogue created an article that highlights common gemstones and the history behind them. So, before you reach for those Paraiba diamond embellished earrings (hey, Oceanum Collection) it’s nice to give yourself a little education. Not only will you be able to relate to the piece, but it will offer a great conversation when someone compliments your jewels.

While these are just some common jewelry mistakes that are made, corrective changes can easily be done to make your next jewelry purchase (or jewelry wear) seamless. Check out some of the pieces featured in our post below, and don’t forget to visit our website and shop our jewelry!  

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