Mother’s Day 2018: Beyond the Gift

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Mother’s Day is an occasion that highlights and signifies the admiration, happiness and love that you have for the person that brought you into the world or chose you to be theirs – your mother. It is a time to reflect on the woman that has supported you when all else seemed to fail, stood by you throughout all life’s hurdles and triumphs and never wavers in their undying love for you; always remaining your biggest fan.

The beauty of the women who are mothers, is that there is no definition applicable to describe the amazing job that they have chosen to fulfill selflessly.  Some are working mothers, some are single mothers, some are new mothers, and some have been mothers for decades. But what remains entirely the same amongst all? They have all sacrificed themselves to love the one thing that brings them the truest happiness…you.

And while we have already provided you with a Mother’s Day Gift Guide full of memorable jewelry selects to gift the woman in your life (see a few of the items scattered throughout this blog), the team at Hueb wants to take some time to reflect on what makes mothers so truly special. See below the mothers’ that we plan to honor this holiday and tips on making this a perfect day just for them.  

1. Make it Special!

While we have suggested some of our beautiful, unique jewels to display the individual love that we have for the mother’s in our lives…sometimes the most magnifying of memories is when you create a special atmosphere entirely catered to them. Creating an ambiance filled with family photos, their favorite flowers, and a meal prepared entirely by you and your family; will not only show your love, but also the time spent to make this occasion truly special.

And while the Hueb box tied neatly with a bow will be a gesture beyond compare, the feeling of genuine thankfulness that will shine through by going “beyond the gift”…will make it a moment, ‘only a mother could love’.

2. Create memories!

Keep in mind that celebrating doesn’t have to involve a large display. Sometimes the smallest of details are the one things that create the most lasting memories. That is why we love our Botanica Collection for this holiday! Dainty, but memorable, it is a collection that exudes a floral arrangement but guaranteed to last forever.

By keeping up with the theme of ‘lasting memories’ treat your mom to a unique experience that you know she’ll love. If she is a woman that loves pampering herself, create a stay-at-home spa day. Or if she is a wine lover, create a wine tasting that will leave her feeling like she is in her very own Napa Valley. If she is someone that loves the outdoors, treat her to hike in a natural preservation that she hasn’t yet been to. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you are focusing on the memory… the gift is only a detail to the big picture.

3. Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’!

And while you have created a memorable experience, and gifted her with a memorable piece of jewelry, don’t forget that the biggest gift of all is in our words. We at Hueb plan on genuinely thanking the special women that have touched our lives. From our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, and neighbors; we are so thankful to have strong, unique, beautiful, and loving women that have paved the way for us.

Our thanks lies in the beauty that they have given us. The beauty of their words, their touch, their support, and their love. They are women that deserve not just a day, but a lifetime full of continued thanks.

Mother’s Day is a day that goes beyond the gift. It is commemorating the woman that is the continual strength in our lives. Let us celebrate the woman that not only gave us life but has continued to keep us alive with their heart, soul, and friendship. No matter who you consider your mother to be… she is an amazing, phenomenal woman. How lucky we are. How lucky you have her.

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