Movies worth your Valentine’s week

With so many movies doing the rounds of the screens for so many years, the result is an abundance of movies that one can watch. If conventional dates are not really your thing for Valentine’s Day and you want to go instead for the classic movie route, or even if you want to binge watch a lot of movies this Valentine’s Day, the real dilemma arises when you have to decide what exactly you should be watching. But don’t you worry; we did most of the heavy lifting to come up with a Valentine’s Day list of movies you can cozy upto.

Love Actually

‘Love Actually’ is a movie that follows the stories of eight British couples who are dealing with love in their own ways. This intertwining tale is a romantic comedy that is in no way one of the sappy romances. A touching comedy that is filled with some truly amazing moments, the movie takes you through an emotional ride where you laugh and cry and fall in love with the characters.


Spoiler: The ship sinks!

Well, as long as you are sticking to the classics, Titanic is one movie that is simply timeless. The tragic love story of a young rich girl and an artist ‘of limited means’, no matter how many times you see it, never fails to move you.

True Romance

Quentin Tarantino isn’t someone who is best known for the romance in his movies, but True Romance (which he wrote) is one of those epic romantic crime dramas not to be missed. The love depicted between Clarence and Alabama is something we all secretly wish we find. By the time the climax rolls about, you will be absolutely in love with Elvis while knowing the origin of Sicilians.

About a Boy

This one is a buddy flick and a romance rolled into one. If you think that a man hanging out with an unrelated boy would be a tad bit weird, trust us, it’s a beautiful movie. If the movie has something to teach, it is a lesson to men that parenting is not scary.


A highly debated addition to this list, Shrek is a very ‘feel-good’ movie. A backward fairy tale where the ogre gets the girl, Shrek talks about what really matters; how real beauty is inside all of us.

Go on then, watch them, and may you have a blessed and nostalgic Valentine’s Day this time.