National Women’s History Month

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March marks ‘National Women’s History Month’ and we could not be more thrilled! Hueb has always been made for women, by women and this particular time of the year speaks volumes for what our company represents. We have never been more proud to be associated with a community of women that have inspired, enlightened, and continued to set new boundaries for what it means to be a strong woman.

So this month, we are making it our duty to highlight some of our favorite qualities in the women that wear us…and even those that haven’t (just yet), and how our jewelry was inspired by and a reflection of them.

See below what we think makes a strong woman in honor of Women’s History Month, and how we dedicate this blog to you for being such an inspiration to Hueb in the best way possible.

All Our Independent Women!

We have to say, there is nothing that makes us more motivated to be organically ourselves than the women who are independent. With a history of independence marking a quick succession of change in women’s rights and movements, independence is a key quality that the Hueb woman definitely possesses. When we are uniquely and unequivocally ourselves, we are setting the tone for our future young women!

Show your independence with a bold earring; a statement never looked and felt so good.

Women Who Support Women!

We are huge advocates of women supporting women…in all facets of life. When we are able to shed our layers and relate to other women in the most genuine way possible; that is when we can truly motivate one another. Looking back in history, the women who made major changes in our communities, had the support of other women. When women come together (no matter how small or large the goal) the sisterhood and friendship is never forgotten. Be the support women need!

You are a woman all about “the more, the merrier”. Supporting all women; we’ve made pieces for stacking and layering that reflect companionship.

Be About The Change!

With the #MeToo movement, we need to continue that growth for the years to come. Women are a force to be reckoned with; and that all starts with change. When we embrace and accept the change that we deserve…then that is when it can truly happen. Now is the perfect time during ‘National Women’s History Month’ to think of all the strong, fierce women that paved the way, and how we can emulate them in our own lives.

Show your change-loving ways, and wear jewelry that you never would normally. Risk inspires change. Don’t be afraid to take risks!

It has always been our goal to create jewelry that shows and displays a strong, independent woman; someone not afraid of change and being themselves. Happy Women’s History Month, we can’t wait to celebrate with you.

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