Pantone Color of 2018: UltraViolet

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With it being on the cusp of Spring, it’s time to really delve into how to take this year’s Pantone Color of 2018: Ultra Violet, and make it your own. We’ve been really focused on trends as of late, and wholeheartedly feel that with every new season leaves an opportunity to embrace them.

Ultra Violet is a color few probably have worn and even might be a little hesitant to try. Being on the verge of being neon, and striking enough to catch the eye of any passerby,  this color is going to be everywhere! See how you can incorporate it into your very own wardrobe…and with a little assistance from some Hueb pieces.

From distinguished diamond, and morganite combination pieces from our Trilliant Collection, color driven pieces from our Labyrinth Collection, and the foundation of golden heavy selects from the Tribal Collection; Ultra Violet will become your new ‘signature hue’. See below how you can wear this color with confidence and trend savvy.
Rose Gold x Ultra Violet: Rustic Flair

The Trilliant Collection is always at the forefront when you are taking a risk-intense trend to making it a classic and sophisticated look. When it comes to elevating the already regal color of Ultra Violet for any black-tie event, the pieces featured in this collection are your go-to.

With intricate patterns of diamonds placement, to the delicately hanging morganites that are featured on the earrings, it is the perfect posh accompaniment to this vivid color.

Red Stones x Ultra Violet: Power

This is about to be a color mash-up that we swear everyone will be able to pull off. It seems that it would be impossible to really find other colors that would coincide so nicely with Ultra Violet, but thanks to our Labyrinth Collection, that is a fete that we can accomplish.

Colorful gemstones of rubies, blue topaz, and emeralds (just to name a few) makeup this gorgeous collection that bursts with color and statement wear. Pair these with your all over ultra-violet outfit (because you are that bold!) and be ready to definitely be seen.
Yellow Gold x Ultra Violet: Pure Luxury

We literally will be transporting ourselves to Brazil, where Hueb began, when we pair this innovative color and the Tribal Collection/ together. With the warm, lush golds against the Ultra Violet hue; vibrancy and originality will ensue just like our jewels.

The exotic and elegant design of the pieces that were inspired by the Amazon rainforest, transforms into the most perfect embellishments to this pantone select. Being described as an ‘optimistic, and empowering” color; these pieces will only intensify its statement.

Shop the pieces featured in this blog, and let us know how you plan on incorporating this vibrant color into your life! Sometimes it just starts with a nail color and then blossoms into a full-blown Ultra Violet outfit.

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