Pastel Colored Gemstones: Trend for Spring 2018

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Spring is a season that is hard not to love. With the crisp air, blooming flowers, the sun shining, and the occasional rain showers; the colors that surround us are just beginning to awaken. With the earthy tones of green and the calming hues of blue, to the freshly muted pinks and delicately light yellows; it is a season all about encompassing the pastel palette.
And while pastels seem to be a main culprit in the springtime color wave, there is always a way to modernize and make this trend a little more… unique. With dreamy pastels being the antidote for all the darkly clad attire we wore during the winter, we’ve created a must-have list of the feminine hues to incorporate by way of your jewelry.

See below how we plan on integrating the pastel trend of 2018 with some of our most delectably designed pieces. Now is the perfect time to inspire a fresh take on a trend that will never go out of style.


A morganite gemstone is one that is reflective of the sensations that come with love, femininity and commitment; all of which marks spring as the ‘season of love’. Morganite ranges from a light pale pink, to a dusty salmon, and can even take on an almost peachy-pink hue. And with so many ranges of pastel pinks in this stone, it is easy to see why this is a perfect selection to add to your subdued palette for spring.

Wear your morganite jewelry with a crisp, white shirt, and light blue denim and embrace the airiness of the tranquil shades together. If you feel like making this trend more unexpected; this stone can be paired with a midnight blue or jet-black dress. Allow the gemstone to take center stage in the accompaniment of your classic attire. Whatever the case, morganite is a deliciously luxurious pastel that doesn’t need much to make an impact.


When looking at the blue skies that are imminent in spring, the atmosphere is nothing short of remarkably pristine and pastel. And with aquamarine being a faint, and almost colorless, hued blue to a brightly demure, blue-green, it is the segway that many need when they want to introduce pastels to their fine jewelry collection. And with the feeling of calm and peace that this gemstone emulates, the color is symbolic to the springtime aesthetics of tranquility and serenity.

Aquamarine envelops the beauty of water with its almost voyage-like color. It has depth, and a  majestic quality that doesn’t need to be overly-styled to be considered impactful. Chalky white, and pistachio creams are the perfect colors to pair with aquamarine. This stone is one that needs no introduction; but simply, a blank slate to define the meaning of taking the pastel trend and giving it a fresh revamp.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an obvious choice when it comes to selecting your pastel stone. It is a soft, pink gemstone that is a gentle to the eyes, and delicate in its hue. It possesses a quality of being a beautiful entree into the colored-stone world… for those that have yet to take the leap. Alluringly pretty, it awakens a sense of romanticism and sweetness.

And while this gemstone is one that can go with entirely anything (and still not go unnoticed), pairing it with a bright colors allows the rose quartz to be the center of discussion. Another way to make a statement with this demure hue is keeping with a monochromatic color story when it comes to dress. It is just the sophisticated, classic, and dynamically modern twist that makes this pastel trend so inspiring, and rose quartz such a perfect choice.

Ultimately, these lightly colored hues are just what you need when spring has sprung. We invite you to visit our website and see all the spring-awakening pastel choices that we have to offer; and promise you’ll be feeling as happy, fresh, and pretty as this season is.

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