The most preferred types of jewelry this Valentine’s Day

Irrespective of age, women and their baubles have had a deep connection since before we can remember. From funky novelty jewelry to sophisticated and elegant diamonds, a woman’s arsenal is always full of her favorites, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the age old question has arisen again – What jewelry should I wear? Now even if you aren’t sure of which pieces would suit the day best, don’t worry, for we have already done the heavy thinking for you. Of all the most popular Valentine’s Day adornments, here are our favorites for you to choose from.

Charm Bracelets

Charms and the bracelets come in a lot of styles and designs in both gold and silver. They allow you to create a truly meaningful Valentine’s Day accessory. With charms that represent many important moments in life, charm bracelets are a celebration of memories worth commemorating.

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings add a subtle glow to your look while celebrating your individuality with your own birthstone. Emeralds, amethysts, sapphires or any other elegant gemstone that takes your fancy can help you add a little classic twist to your Valentine’s Day outfit.

Cocktail Rings

If gemstone rings seem a little too old fashioned for your taste, step it up a notch with a gemstone cocktail ring. Among the trendiest pieces of jewelry, cocktail rings are perfect for a blissful evening.

Diamond Bracelets

The staple of any luxurious jewelry collection, a diamond tennis bracelet is something that you can pair with any outfit. Diamonds have always been the best to define never ending commitments and love. So whether you wear it for your closest friends or for yourself; diamonds and Valentine’s Day is a unity like no other.

Pearl Necklaces

If ever there was a timeless piece of jewelry, the pearl necklace it is. A pearl necklace is as elegant and fashionable today as it was centuries ago. Style yourself this Valentine’s Day with a classic strand of white pearls. And if you intend to go unconventional, then black, grey, and blue pearls provide a pretty modern take. What’s immense about pearl necklaces is that you can experiment with the length as well as with the layering.

This constitutes our favorite Valentine’s Day jewelry, but don’t let it hold you back. Experiment with your look, exude your uniqueness through your accessories, and let this Valentine’s Day be underlined by your style statement like never before.