Spring Cleaning: Your Jewelry

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With the first day of spring approaching on March 20th, we are starting to take a head start on our spring cleaning. When it comes to assessing what we have (and what we don’t) spring cleaning is the next best thing to a new year’s resolution.

With this time of the season being about reviving and renewing, we’ve decided to go beyond our cabinets and closets…and start looking at our jewelry boxes. And of course, we would never want you to rid yourself of a Hueb piece or any of your special momentous, but sometimes a revamp of jeweled significant pieces is just what we need.  

Take a look below of the tips and tricks we use to give our jewelry boxes the spring clean they need. Who knew they could hide so many surprises?
Solutions to Storage

When it comes to your storage solutions with jewelry, it’s easy to become a little haphazard. Having the perfect storage system from earrings to necklaces will help in realizing what you have…and concluding what you might not. From elegant, wooden handcrafted jewelry boxes, to freestanding decor that presents your jewelry in an almost art gallery-like setting, can be just what you need to make sure that all your possessions are accounted for.

But remember, your jewels are meant to be seen and worn. The best thing you can do?  Give them a home when they are not being adorned by you.
Clean Out ≈ Clean!

This is the perfect time to get comfortable, pull out your jewelry box, (whew! We are glad you have one…and if you don’t: see tip #1) and begin really taking a look at the amazing pieces you have accumulated over the years. Now is the time to figure out if pieces need repairing from the normal wear and tear, if a cleaning is far overdue, or if maybe you’ve outgrown your jeweled favorites and it’s time to pass down to a family member.

Whatever the case, take advantage of amazing opportunities…just like our Lifetime Warranty and make sure your jewelry is provided with the utmost care. Hueb believes in jewelry lasting a lifetime, don’t you?  
What’s Missing?

With all cleaning situations…sometimes you begin to realize just what might be missing. And honestly, what a good realization to have when it comes to jewelry. That is why we are constantly innovating, creating, and becoming a jewelry company you can continually look to for a new, must-have piece to be your new addition.

From our newest collections like our Moda Operandi x Hueb Collaboration, Astro Collection and Oceanum Collection…there is so much to choose from when growing your jewelry closet. And we have many other new pieces added to our most cherished styles that are waiting exclusively for you.

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