Take joy in being your own valentine

Since as far back as the Middle Ages, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated to commemorate the feeling of love. It’s about time that we rebut the perception and realize that this day is all about ‘you’! Because the relationship that you have with yourself is one of the most important ones that you will ever have. It’s about time that we realize that romance and love are not the same thing and whether you have a significant other, or not, there is absolutely no reason to miss out on all the fun, for you can always be your own valentine!

Instead of scoffing about the day being a giant commercial gimmick, intentionally carve out some “me” time.

Stay In

Not just to avoid seeing couples out on dates, but choose to stay in just to avoid the hustle and bustle of the streets. A quiet evening spent with yourself has a number of opportunities for you. Turn off your mobile, dress up if you want, or just crawl into your favorite pajamas. Grab some wine, or light some candles, read a book, or watch a special movie. The options are endless when it comes to doing what you love.

Invite others

If you really don’t feel like doing the whole solo thing, invite your closest single friends over for dinner and drinks. No, it won’t be a typical anti-valentine bitter dinner; instead celebrate your friendship. Mark it down with good food and laugh the night away. Lose yourself in caring for others, and with all the best restaurants in town booked, and theaters full, a dinner at home will serve you perfectly.

Love Yourself

It may sound like a cliché, but a nice bubble bath with a glass of wine is actually a very luxurious way to relax. Buy a lipstick or a dress, book a massage, and treat yourself to little things that make you feel special. After all, who would know you better than yourself, and trust us, you’re special enough for a treat or two.

Carpe Diem

Use your day and feel empowered by all the opportunities that lie before you. Grab life by the reins and use the time to start a new project. There must be a lot of things that you wanted to start, but never had the time. Dust off those tucked away DIY projects and begin again. Take a look at your goals, make some new ones, challenge yourself; the world is your oyster.

Why feel encumbered when you should delight in life, even if you have nothing out of the ordinary planned for the 14th. Take the moment to relax, or to pamper the most special person – you. Reflect on life’s blessings, whether big or small. Look at Valentine’s Day in a new light, and rejoice in the fact that you are your own Valentine.