The Best Jewelry to Wear to a Yacht Party

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A yacht party is unlike any other event and dressing for it is just as distinctive. When it comes to looking chic from land to water you want to be sure to be comfortable, effortless, and nautically-inspired. And while the suggested leaving the stilettos on the dock is necessary for the safety of you and retaining the beauty of the ship, it doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize with some jewels to keep you feeling dressed to the nines.

With July approaching, it is the best time to take advantage of the beautiful water. So, we have curated a list of pieces of jewelry that are the perfect necessity for your time at sea. From aquamarine to blue topaz, see how you can style these gems to make yourself yacht party ready for the summer season ahead.

From bright deep blues to serene light aquas, you can be inspired by the ocean in the jewelry you wear. Look below at the list that we’ve created to make you feel like the most regal person on the ship.

Blue Sapphire Desires

When it comes to the abyss of the ocean, it is easy to gaze into all its glory with wonderment and shock. And while there is the shallowest of waters, it is the deepest depths of the ocean that capture the true magnitude of how grand it really is. When dressing for an evening yacht excursion, the best jewelry to wear should reflect the beauty of the sea.

An cocktail hour sail is the perfect time to wear a elegant, silk gown and flat embellished sandal. Place our Mirage Collection climber earrings in blue sapphire that mimic the deepest tones. With dynamic appeal blue sapphire is a gemstone that was made for the feeling of the waters.

Blue Topaz Treatment

When the sun is reflecting against the crystal waters in the afternoon, the shimmer from its rays is when the lightest blues seem to take center stage. When you have plans to be casually clad but want an elegant feeling there is a way to dress up a more muted attire. With music, drinks, and finger foods, this is the time of day that a party gets started (and doesn’t finish) so being comfortable is a must.

White trousers, and a white linen blouse is the most desired aesthetic when on a yacht for its classic, nautical appeal. Introduce our Apus Collection with bright blue topaz and diamonds. The droplet of topaz mimics the ethereal feeling that water emulates, and brings out the elegant feeling that this upscale adventure calls for.

An Aquamarine Feeling

There is a beauty of the marina when you finally dock the yacht. Whether it be sunrise or sunset, having a dinner or brunch party is a wonderful way to introduce or end the weekend.The color of the ocean ranges from a light blue to a crystal clear aqua, as the shallow waters decidingly leave not much to the imagination of the below.

Aquamarine is a gemstone that is the perfect accompaniment to the casual vibe of this party by land. Our Trilliant Collection is gorgeous whether it be worn with the earring to the bold, bauble, the aquamarine and diamonds is fun and dynamic for your easy going look.

With this season’s yacht parties ranging from fancy evening dinners to  the most unceremonious of parties, there is a beauty in capturing the color that the ocean emulates in your jewels. Shop the pieces in this blog by visiting our website and see which are the perfect companions on your next excursion from land to sea.

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