The Must-Have Jewels for your White Outfits

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It is no surprise that the Spring 2018 runways were saturated with whites; from eggshell and light creams, to alabaster and milky vanillas. And now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it is time to take hold of the white trend that has been at a slight popularity battle with pastels this season. (check out last week’s blog, Pastel Colored Gemstones: Trend 2018 if you missed it).

While you can wear white as a bold, all-over look or just a subtle splash of the crisp tone, one thing remains true…it is the perfect blank canvas to accessorize with some amazing jeweled pieces. That is why we have tallied up some of our best jewelry to accompany your white apparel. We promise it will leave you feeling stylish, cool, and summer-ready.

See below how we have incorporated some of our jewels to amplify your summer whites, and how we plan on making these the conversation pieces of the season.

Bold, All-Over White with a POP! of Color

Many feel intimidated by an all-white outfit and with summer BBQ’s and garden parties leaving a segway into possible stains…we understand the hesitation. But an all-over white look can be just what you need to step outside of your comfort zone. And what better way to make a spot in the trend-sector this season than white paired with pieces from our Mirage Collection.

The Mirage Collection is made up of pieces meant to up the ante when it comes to your completely white-hued outfit. Slip on a silky, cream trouser, and a white, airy tank to create a casually ethereal look. Pair your monochromatic outfit with our Mirage sapphire earring, or a stack of the bright, jeweled bracelets in the collection. Whatever you decide, the frothy outfit paired with the intense blaze of colorful gemstones will be a conversation piece and your very own approaching midsummer night’s dream.

White with a Constellation of Diamonds

Tucking away your black and dark greys can be a sad thing to do. They were the colors that during the fall and winter months seemed classic, flattering, and most importantly, easy to put together. When it comes to white, the level of uncertainty can be alarming. If an all-over white look is not for you, having a splash of white on top or bottom can be your way of paying homage to the season’s trends. With our Estelar Collection it is just as demure and impactful as wearing one piece of crisp, white clothing against a lurid hue.

Capture the true essence of how flourescent the white tone can be by buttoning up a bright, white shirt, and pairing with a bold, printed pant. Then we suggest taking a piece from our Estelar Collection, made up of 18K gold and suffused with diamonds. This intricate collection offers the exemplary amount of interest and dynamic companionship to your touch of white.

Take your White’s to the Tropics

While whites are suitable for every day, holidays spent in a tropical locale is the norm when it comes to spring and summer getaways. With the warm breeze, palm trees, and salt filled air; beach vacations are exactly what you need to relax, rejuvenate, and reinvent. Take your whites to another destination by incorporating the Bahia Collection into your wardrobe.

The Bahia Collection is stunningly simplistic, and dynamically distinguished. Best paired with a opaque, white gown for any of the galas and events that might be riddled throughout the upcoming season, or just as beautifully perfect with white denim, and a basic tee. Setting the tone with a piece that offers an oasis of gently moving 18K gold, and a string of delicately placed diamonds; creates an utterly sophisticated and completely organic pairing to your style.

We hope that your spring and approaching summer embraces the beauty of white, and the clean aesthetic that it offers for some of our most favorite Hueb collections. We invite you to visit our website to gain more access into Hueb and the pieces featured in this blog, and other collections that make you unique from all the rest.  

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