The Newest Collection: Oceanum

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“Water is the driver of nature.” -Leonardo Da Vinci.

Water is not only a driver of nature, but the driver behind the newest, super iconic collection at Hueb. Consisting of limited edition pieces inspired by the magical water goddesses around the world, is the Oceanum Collection.  

Distinctive designs were created by our skilled artisans hands; molding the pieces that took a multitude of months to create from concept to completed design. With delicate and intricate artistry, the collection was made into graceful silhouettes decorated with only the highest quality of materials.

See below some of the exclusive pieces featured in the Oceanum Collection, and their personal inspirational stories. A Collection of distinct beauty of mother nature, divine inspiration, creation, and adornment.


A necklace inspired by Nami who held her jeweled spear in the sky and plunged it deep within the sea. Stirring the oceans, her power solidified into the first island of Japan.

Not unlike her namesake, the Nami Necklace uses movement and grace in its design. Building waves of handcrafted 18k yellow gold and a sprinkling of white diamonds. The Nami should be worn as a statement piece. Allow it to be the focal point with a low neckline, accompanied by a coiffed updo. Magnificently dominant amongst a tonal color foundation will allow for the piece to be the focal point of sophistication.


In an ancient Greek story of transformation, Leucothea was a water nymph turned heavenly goddess. The paramour of the ocean she is always looking towards her origins because where the water meets the land…a unique beauty exists.

The Leucothea Cuff holds the beauty found in the ocean waves. Deconstructed 18k yellow gold and white diamonds forge the relationship between land and sea. This cuff is meant to be a piece that should embrace the arm and guide the eye in a whirl of wonderment. Paired with the Nami Necklace or worn alone, this cuff can fit beautifully over the sleeve of a button blouse for a trend setting look, or be an ample fixture of the arm paired with a crisp white tee.


Protector of the Hawaiian islands, Namaka, Goddess of the Sea, can appear as a gentle dewdrop on a palm leaf or as controlling as a tsunami. Fiercely loyal and wildly beautiful.

The Namaka Ring introduces organic lines of 18k yellow gold inspired by the waves of the Pacific and droplets of white diamonds. Meant to be worn with the most elegant of attire to the most casual apparel selection. It can be paired with other smaller, dainty Hueb rings making it the focus, or accompany the other pieces in the Oceanum Collection, never losing its own vitality.

To see more of the beautiful and elegant pieces inspired by the goddesses of water, visit our Pinterest page (and don’t forget to repin your favorites). The Oceanum Collection is a dazzling display of the beauty of water designed to quench your thirst for the unique. We invite you to stay tuned for more features of this beautiful iconic collection.

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