Unconventional date ideas this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time we start thinking about the special plans for the day. Call it the intense commercialism of the day but it is true that candy hearts and flowers have rather lost their charm. Truth be told, most of us are guilty of relying on the old-time classics a little too much. Let this year spark a change in routine, break free of the mold, and celebrate this Valentine’s Day the conventional way.

Become a tourist in your own town

Here’s the real deal – every town has its set of tourist attractions, but when we are living in that very town we tend to ignore those “tourist traps”. But this Valentine’s Day, put aside those local restaurant menus and the movie show times. Discover interesting places in your home town, check out the tourist hot spots, and be a tourist in your own town for a day!

Breakfast not dinner

Instead of a standard dinner date, take out your alarm clocks and rise early for a breakfast date. Having a sumptuous first meal is definitely a great way to start the day. An ingenuous idea for a breakfast date is to pack a picnic of delicious goodies and head to the perfect spot to watch the sunrise.

Get away

Valentine’s Day is on the weekend this year, so why not amble out on an impromptu weekend getaway. Get in your car, turn the ignition, and drive wherever your fancy takes you. Board a flight that leaves as soon as possible and do not think about the destination.

Bake Off

Baking is fun as it is, but this Valentine’s Day you can make it even more fun by adding a little competition to the stakes. Cookies, cupcakes, brownies, bread; whatever you want, go head-to-head in under a time limit and see who can bake better. The best part is that regardless of whether you win or lose, revel in the spoils of the war and feast on your homemade treats.


This year, don’t stop at just one movie, watch them all! Catch up to the hype, or stock up on some old classics; get a lot of food supplies and cozy up for a binge watching movie marathon session, something that would definitely beat a trip to the cinema!

When you plan this year’s date; be daring and disregard the candy heart route in favor of much more exciting date ideas. Don’t just celebrate Valentine’s Day; make it one to remember.