Where to Brunch in NYC

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Brunching in New York City is almost as common as hailing a taxi. When the weekend arrives and summer is on the brink of beginning, it is not surprising to see patios and rooftops laden with people enjoying food and drinks after 12 P.M. What makes this breakfast and lunch combo so appealing? With good company, delicious cuisine, and craft cocktails to accompany; it has become a social oasis for those wanting to elevate their mid-day meal experience.

Not entirely designated for the weekend, brunch can also be enjoyed any day of the week (especially if you live in the ‘city that never sleeps’). With so many amazing restaurants, cafes, and eateries to cure your cravings, we’ve put together our ‘Top Three List of the Best Brunch Spots in NYC’ that offer completely different vibes and take on your favorite specialities. And we even tell you how we plan on accessorizing when enjoying the one-of-a-kind fare.

See below some of our favorite brunch places that deserve to have you as a guest, and the pieces of jewelry we plan on wearing when we are enjoying our favorite daytime meal.

Citizens of Chelsea Cafe, and our Secret Garden Collection

401 West 25th Street, New York, NY

Citizens of Chelsea Cafe is the perfect spot for those that appreciate a fashion statement. Every plate is beautifully arranged in a stylish, artistic, and defining way. The brunch plates are served with edible flowers which makes it entirely fitting that our Secret Garden Collection make an appearance when you are diving into the modern, Australian-inspired dishes. With a proper Melbourne style coffee, fresh, local produce from an array of local and national purveyors; Citizens of Chelsea Cafe offers a healthy, inspiring brunch that is so beautifully executed it is instagram-worthy for those that appreciate a photo opportunity.

Place our dynamic Secret Garden Ring in 18K gold with diamonds on your finger while digging into their famous avocado toast…trust us, you’ll fit right in. Matching with the collections earrings and necklace will be most welcomed for the diners that are here for not only the food…but the fashion.

Anejo, and our Tribal Collection

Multiple Locations: Hells Kitchen, 668 10th Avenue, New York, NY

Tribeca, 301 Church Street, New York, NY

Anejowas created for the person that loves a lengthy brunch; with bottomless hand-crafted, award-winning cocktails, and unlimited tapas to meet everyone in your parties cravings. Giant chandeliers hang from the ceiling, large, comfy rich leathered booths are spread throughout, and upbeat tunes permeate; making it a brunch spot meant for you to relax and have fun. Not only that, but the mexican-inspired fare transports you directly to Mexico…while it might be with the assistance of their classic-house margarita.  But when it comes to accessorizing, the Tribal Collection is exactly what you should wear when you are getting ready to head to this getaway from the concrete jungle.

With an exotic and elegant style, the Tribal Collection is made up of 18K gold and lustrous diamonds that captures the raw beauty of the tropics. Dress the part as you are tasting the numerous Mexican-tapas and requesting another round of their Morning Tacos and Huevos Rancheros.

While We Were Young, and the Bubbles Collection

183 West 10th Street, New York, NY

The city is young, vibrant, fresh, and freeing; and what better brunch to encapsulate the feeling of festivity and aliveness than a brunch at While We Were Young. Nestled inside this West Village favorite are velveteen seats, outstanding dishes, and cocktails that all seem to require a savvy, fun name that will make you want to try every single one. With the brunch offering a range of dishes from a Truffle Omelet to Chicken & Waffles, it’s easy to see why this modern, girly locale is the perfect spot to brunch with girlfriends. Cheersing with mimosas and our Bubbles Collection Ring adorned on your finger, will put anyone into a celebratory brunch mood.

The Bubbles Collection is almost too ideal for this afternoon food excursion. While bubbly can be found mixed with orange juice to start off the meal, it can also be spotted in your jewels. Created specifically with champagne bubbles in mind, it is the perfect mix of 18K gold and an option of a sprinkle of diamonds throughout.

We hope that you take advantage of some of these amazing spots; whether alone, with friends, or a significant other, because we all know that brunch is the perfect antidote to a long week when the weekend hits. And while you are securing reservations, don’t forget to shop our pieces featured in this blog on our website,  and be sure to check out some other great Collections to wear to your next brunch soiree!

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