Winter to Spring: Get the Scoop on how to Begin the Transition

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With transition happening on a constant basis in our industry; the changing of season is all too familiar. We, at Hueb, are always creating new pieces and collections with a fresh, unique take on what it means to be a strong woman…and making that statement through our jewelry.

With the winter season coming to a close, and the blooming of newness setting precedence for complete transformation; we are excited to provide you with a guide to take yourself seamlessly into this upcoming spring.   

See below how to begin the transition from winter to spring with Hueb:  

Collection Crossover:

When it comes to Hueb, we have created collections that are meant to be intertwined. The ability to invest in jewelry that allows you do not have to stick to a certain collection is a jewelers goal (and our seasonal one). That is why it is so important that we provide luxuriously, versatile pieces to our clientele.

We urge our clients to not be afraid to go from the feminine creations of our Secret Garden Collection to the more dynamic pieces of the Labyrinth Collection. We want you to take the boldness of the Mirage Collection and then further its statement with a piece from our Plisse Collection. We believe no pieces should be coming out of hibernation.

New Season, New Collections

If you had the chance to read our last blog, “Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry” we gave you some tips and tricks that were extremely important when it comes to the transition of a new season. When handling fine jewelry, cleaning should be left to the professionals (thank goodness for our Lifetime Warranty). The upkeep of keeping a safe and organized environment for our jewelry is something that we know our clients always want suggestions on.

If you’ve begun the process of a spring clean, this is the best time to really dive into some of our newest pieces and collections, and see what might be the perfect select for your spring season highlight. From our delicately designed pieces that were featured on Astro Collection, to the newest pieces in the Diamond Flower Collection; there is so much more to explore. See above some of our newest, favorite pieces needed for spring.

Bloom with Us

As we continue to grow as a company, the most vital thing that keeps Hueb’s heart beating is the people that give our company life…and that is you. Help us make the transition an inspiring one. Our jewelry is meant to be an accompaniment and an adornment to your own, unique style.

Spring is about newness, and embodies the belief that we all are constantly experiencing regrowth. And within the midst of this regrowth… the blooming of pure beauty occurs. Now is the time to take the season change as one of self-awareness and introspective development, and growing towards the woman that we have always aspired to be…and one that Hueb would love to be apart of. We urge you to take some “me time”, and visit us at any of our listed locations.

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